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What to Know before you go…


Pre Lift

  • Please remove all eye makeup with a non-oil based remover, ensuring lashes and eyelids are thoroughly cleansed and dry.
  • Remove contact lenses prior to appointment, or bring a case so that contacts can be removed prior to service.
  • Do not wear mascara 24 hours prior to appointment

Post Lift

  • Please do not get lashes wet, or wear any eye makeup for up to 24 hours after service.
  • Do not sleep with lashes pressing into pillow 5-10 days after service
  • Avoid oil based eye makeup as it can weaken the lift and shorten the lifespan of the service. Also avoid waterproof makeup.
  • Taken antihistamines could cause the perm not to take, avoid taken 5 days prior.
  • Wearing water based mascara is best, as it removes easily and lessens the chance of breaking down the curl.
  • You can repeat the service 4 weeks after the initial lift, only if you feel the curl has weakened.